Wednesday, 25 September 2013

WhiteHaven @ Pasir Panjang | Freehold Condo near NUS | Haw Par Villa MRT


A previous blog entry mentioned The Village, a freehold property located along Pasir Panjang Road. Whitehaven is another condo in the area and is located at 332 Pasir Panjang Road and is even closer to NUS. This means the comments made about The Village with regard to NUS and the large potential tenant pool also holds for Whitehaven.

Whitehaven offers a wider choice of unit types including dual key units which offer owners the option of renting out one unit while staying in the other or have close relatives staying in the second unit. The unit types are differentiated by ceiling height, dual key variants and penthouses ranging from 1-4 bedroom units. The penthouses are also available in 2, 3 and 4 bedroom floor plans and are all equipped with a BBQ pit. In addition, the 2 and 3 bedroom penthouses come with a Jacuzzi and pavilion and the 3 bedroom types enjoy an additional planter. Owners of the 4-bedroom penthouses will enjoy the use of a small pool, attic and BBQ pit. This setup is similar to what's found in the rooftops of some landed properties.

The common facilities are very much standard and include a 50m lap pool, gym and BBQ pits. The main attractiveness of Whitehaven like The Village lies in its proximity to the NUS and Science park areas and also the wide choice of unit types including units with high ceilings, dual key units and smaller and more affordable penthouse units.

Like The Village, Whitehaven has been in the market for some months and it is worth checking out with regards to prices and discounts. Please call or text me at 97323160 or send an email to for further details. More details can also be found at

Whitehaven Aerial View
Dual Key Options

Example of a 4-Bedroom Dual Key Unit

Children's Pool

4-Bedroom Penthouse

Aqua Pool


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